Economic Crime Prevention Nordics LIVE 2024

REFINED - FOCUSED - PRACTICAL: The most prevalent Economic Crime regulatory and compliance challenges impacting multinational organisations within the Nordic region

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Webinar Series
23-25 April, 2024

Where the Legal & Compliance Industry Comes Together

One Week of Specialist Webinars for The Legal & Compliance Community to Gain International Legal Updates, Mitigate Regulatory Risks and Enhance Internal Efficiency.

With the ever-changing landscape of economic crime, many corporations are struggling with the interpretation and enforcement of new legislations in regard to supply chain, fraud, export controls, anti-corruption and the sanctions posed by not just Nordic FSA’s and FIU’s but also that from the EU regarding cross-global developments in both Russia and doing business in China.

ECP Nordics LIVE brings together leading in-house industry executives, senior government officials and practitioners to not only identify how to effectively comply with several complicated regulations and laws but to also explore and implement new procedures, new technology and lessons learned to protect themselves from fines, litigation, and reputational damage.

ECP Nordics LIVE

Why attend the webinar series

  • Sharing best practices for managing ongoing regulatory requirements and reporting exercises.

  • Practical, convenient and refined solutions to the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

  • Discuss the latest challenges in the industry and look ahead to see what is on the horizon, in this unique industry-led event.

What can you expect

  • New Supply Chain and Sustainability directives to be analysed in-depth to better understand how to meet the new regulations (including the CSRD and CSDDD).

  • Focus on navigating both internal and external, as well as local and global internal investigation practices to maintain compliant.

  • An in-house counsel led event focused on their concerns, identifying the biggest challenges facing themselves and regulators in the Nordics.

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